2012  Elizabeth A. Rega, Ken Noriega, Stuart S. Sumida, Adam Huttenlocker, Andrew Lee, and Brett Kennedy.  Healed Fractures in the Neural Spines of an Associated Skeleton of Dimetrodon: Implications for Dorsal Sail Morphology and Function. Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences, The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. 2012. Vol.5 Ch. 9  pg.(s) 104–111


Print ISSN: 2158-55

2012 Rega, E. “Paleopathology in the Dinosaurs” in The Complete Dinosaur, 2nd ed. Farlow and Brett-Surman, eds. Indiana University Press.

2007 Huttenlocker, A., Rega, E. and Sumida, S. New histological Investigations of Hyperelongate Neural Spines in Eupelycosaurs (Amniota: Synapsida) and the Affinities of Lupeosaurus Kayi. Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, JVP 27(3) September 2007—ABSTRACTS

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