Polyester resin casting carries with it some serious potential health risks. The fumes are quite pungent. They should ONLY be worked on in a fume hood, and with a respirator designed for organic vapor cartridges. Usually, you must purchase the cartridges separately.

A guide to 3M respirators is linked here, in PDF format:–


Later on, when you sand and cut polyester resin, the dust or particles are a lung toxin, and you will need to wear the mask respirator with the dual cartridge purpose (I.e., organic and particulate). So, it will be best if you buy the dual cartridge respirator to use it for both tasks.


further, the acetone used to clean up and solve poly resin is a bit of a problem, because of volatility. Only use in hood. Consider using thicker gloves such as butyl or Tek gloves by 3m for clean up.

poly resin must be cured prior to disposal. It is pretty environmentally unsafe in the non catalyzed form. Thus, follow the directions in the PDF linked here, which explains the method that will reduce the problem.


below you’ll find a handy link to finding the right respirator for the right task, written from a homeowners perspective (you know, like refinishing the deck):

How to Choose a Respirator or Dust Mask


when cleaning up, consider using neoprene over thick rubber gloves


Chemi-Pro #224 Blue Latex Glove Size 9, Pair



Bag (12 Pair) Chemi-Pro #224 Glove, Size 9



If you are using a large amount of chemical, are wearing shorts, and or you can not work in the fume hood, wear a tyvek suit with a respirator.



Its a good idea to have one in case of a spill, it is good protection from solvents and MEKP should you need to walk around it, or, to clean it up.

Below is a respirator for only $11-12 that accepts difft cartridges. You will need to add those on (6100) Model number.

“if you can’t smell the fumes, the respirator is doing its job.”

i might add that, if you CAN smell the fumes, something in your midst is highly volatile and therefore interacting with your lungs and therefore, by association, your bloodstream . Don’t stay around this stuff too long without proper ventilation and or respiration. You will get nauseous.


Item #

3M 6000 Series Low Maintenance Respirator, adaptable for a wide range of respiratory protection.  Accepts 3M 6100 Organic Vapor Cartridges (Item X65-3027) and 3M 2071 P95 Particulate Filter (Item X65-3031).  An economical alternative for occasional usage.



3M 6000 Series Respirator Face piece (3M 6200) Medium



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